hana, amman (JO)

“I have enjoyed my stay although it was only for one night, and I would definitely book in this Hotel again as I felt comfortable, staff were very helpful from room service housekeeping, and reception. Front disk was very friendly and welcoming.”

 “The staff was really helpful.”


Abdalla, Alruwais (AE) ,Taken from Booking.com,


hana, amman (JO)

“I enjoyed the kitchen facility and the in- room activities that I can do. I received support when I had a problem in my suitcase and felt the help to resolve my problem as one big family member. Despite being away from business area I could have my favorite bite using delivery service.”


Anonymous , Taken from booking.com and expedia.com

“Kindness and good faith and genuine good will of the staff. 2. Geographical localization of the hotel. 3. All infrastructure & equipment is in working condition & slightly better quality wise compared to other similar priced hotels in the vincinity (crystal suites, gondola, …etc).”

Majeed, Maputo , Taken from booking.com and expedia.com

“I really appreciated that my reservation has been upgraded to a higher room just because of some noises in the HVAC system that could not be fixed directly and no rooms of the same rate were available. The staff was very polite and very nice.”

Bachar, Elkourah , Taken from booking.com and expedia.com